A former royal protection officer told us how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s bodyguards will warn them of potential threats in Pakistan -

A former royal protection officer told us how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s bodyguards will warn them of potential threats in Pakistan

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A former royal protection officer told us how Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s security team will deal with potential threats during their royal tour of Pakistan.

The five-day visit, which started on Monday, will be their “most complex tour” to date “given the logistical and security considerations,” Kensington Palace said in a statement.

The couple’s tour itinerary is being kept secret by the palace, and reports have suggested that they will be guarded by 1,000 police officers during their stay.

Simon Morgan, who served as a bodyguard to the royals from 2007 until 2013, said that the way Middleton and William deal with potential threats will come down to the “unwritten understanding” they share with their security detail.

“Protection officers don’t have superhero type powers, but because of the training you receive you will see things in a slight different way than the average person,” Morgan told Insider.

“This comes down to how you communicate, sometimes by non-verbal communication and body language, or by a direct action or command.”

Morgan added that it’s unlikely Middleton and William would have been given training related to specific dangerous scenarios that could occur on tour.

Instead, he added: “It’s about having that rapport, and clearly showing you [the protection officer] are not happy with something.

“Clearly showing a path they need to take and they need to follow without causing alarm. There’s nothing set, it all comes down to that and the protection officer and the principal knowing each other well. It’s all about that trust.”

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Meghan Markle was criticized after a walkabout was cut short during her tour of Fiji in October last year. The reason behind this was never disclosed to the media, and this level of confidentiality is something that’s quite common during royal tours, according to Morgan.

“Unless there’s something to brief over, there’s an unwritten understanding. If a protection officers says, ‘we are leaving,’ then we are leaving,” he said.

“If no one else had an understanding of the thought process, then they won’t know why the decision was made,” Morgan added. “The way the media perceives things is through the end product, not what led that decision to being made.

“The principal is accustomed to being part of a protection package, so the flow of communication between them and the protection officer should be the same as at any other event.”

Members of the royal family have not toured Pakistan since Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit in 2006. Since then, tensions have heightened between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region, where both countries share a border.

During a press conference at the United Nations annual summit in New York last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said “there is potential that two nuclear armed countries will come face to face at some point.”

“The tensions between India and Pakistan make the region unstable,” Morgan said. “There are a lot more factors you have to consider, compared to if you where just travelling to Manchester to open a new hospital.

“While the blueprint remains the same, lots of things will be specific to that area and the location they are staying in.

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“There will be a lot of planning, a lot of risk assessment of the venues they are going to,” he added. “For instance, how they are arriving and how they are leaving a specific engagement. Whether there’s any sensitivity around that venue.

“There will certainly be an element of secrecy and confidentiality surrounding where they are going and what they are seeing,” he added.

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