Adidas reveals full Game of Thrones sneaker collection

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When the final season of Game of Thrones debuts this April, you can arrive at your watch party sipping on some Game of Thrones whiskey eating a cookie you picked up at the Game of Thrones blood drive while wearing Game of Thrones sneakers, specifically Adidas Ultra Boosts. According to Sneaker News,Adidas plans to release the full line sometime this Spring. Take a look at each pair below:

First up, we have sneakers inspired by the Seven Kingdoms’ most underappreciated group, the Night’s Watch. I would have gone full black with the soles, but still dig the simplistic design. The Lord Commander approves.

Next come shoes inspired by the Night’s Watch’s immortal enemies, the White Walkers. Again, it’s a cool concept, although I’d have replaced the black with a light blue or something similar. The little “Winter is Here” on the sole tag is perfect.


The Targaryens get themselves not one, but two pairs of shoes. The first appears to be inspired by Dany’s season 7 winter wear…or the famously white hair of House Targaryen, either/or.

These are more the Targaryen shoes I was expecting, all fire and brimstone…err, blood. Either way, I like ’em.

It’s a little cliche, but the Stark sneakers might be my favorite. Like the Starks themselves, they aren’t flashy or loud, and black (and grey) always was my color.

Finally we have the House Lannister shoes, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re the flashiest of the lot. The bright gold cross straps fit the theme well.

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The shoes will also feature custom Game of Thrones soles and insoles. Regular Ultra Boosts retail for $180, so we can expect something in that range when these shoes hit shelves.

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