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Eating Cheese Regularly Can Be The Answer To Living A Longer Life

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If you are a cheese lover, then we have the best research findings for you. A recent study has shown that cheese consumption on a regular basis can lead to a longer life.

The new research was conducted at McMaster University in Canada. More than 130,000 individuals at the age of 35 to 70, from more than 20 countries around the world were included in the study.  The participants were divided in two basic groups: those that consumed reduced-fat dairy and those that enjoyed full fat.

It was found that the group of participants who consumed two servings of regular cow milk was at a lower risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases. They also found that while cheese was a major factor, you receive similar benefits from yogurt and milk.

The participants that consumed less than 0.5 servings daily, mortality rates has risen to above 44%, and more than 5% of those deaths are linked to cardiovascular diseases.

Although, there are believes that eating cheese is not good for your health, the professor at Reading University is working hard to prove the opposite. The lead author of the study as well as others within the Nutrition Epidemiology program at McMaster recommend eating dairy products regularly as they contain a lot of healthy aspects, such as amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, and various fats.

Still, they recommend eating dairy products moderately. So, cheese lovers, enjoy!

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