Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys Targaryen will leave Jon Snow and marry The Night King, according to a season 2 prophecy |

Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys Targaryen will leave Jon Snow and marry The Night King, according to a season 2 prophecy

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As Game of Thrones fans speculate over the fate of their favourite heroes and villains in season eight, perhaps the signs were there all along. Although, after another season eight dropped trailer dropped yesterday – the most ominous one yet – HBO seem to be teasing everyone will die. Great. Take Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke).

Back in season two, the Mother of Dragons had a vision which saw the throne covered in ice. When she reached out to touch it, her dragons cried from afar and, in turn, she abandoned the throne and returned to the tent with her babies and Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) because why wouldn’t you? Doesn’t sound like much but when you look back on the events of season seven the events have more significance.

A nifty Redditor going by the moniker Marisaann noted: ‘S2 vision one: Dany going towards the throne, but is drawn beyond the wall = when, in S7, Dany was going to go attack Kings Landing and take the throne by force, but she was told Jon and company beyond The Wall need rescuing – goes beyond the wall. ‘S2 vision two: Dany hearing the dragon cries = S7 the dragons crying beyond the wall after Viserion was killed by the NK.’

They continued: ‘Here’s the final part of the vision that hasn’t been paralleled yet and this is what I think is going to happen based on the vision. We’re kind of here for The Night King to come between Dany and Jon Snow (Picture: HBO) ‘S2 vision three: Dany in the tent with Drogo and baby. She makes the decision to leave to be reunited with her dragons and the warlock says, “You’ll be with your dragons through winter, summer and winter again.”

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‘Sometime in season eight I think that she is pregnant with Jon’s baby (but the theory still works if she’s not pregnant) and she will make the decision to leave Jon (and possibly baby Jon) to be with her dragons.’ The Night King actor Vladimir Furdik recently told Entertainment Weekly the leader of the dead army has a target, which could have been revealed in the prophecy all along.


‘I believe that the Night King is after Dany to be either his new queen or to take over as queen (him wanting peace = death),’ the fan explained. ‘One way or another, both living dragons will die in battle. ‘Distraught by losing her dragons, Dany with be persuaded to join the Night King to be reunited with her dragons so she gets her ICE THRONE.

‘In the history and lore of Game of Thrones, there is a story of the 13th commander of the Night Fort fell in love with “a woman made of ice.” She became his Ice Queen and they ruled together. People would sacrifice babies to them, similar to how Crastor sacrificed his sons. ‘Legend says, the 13th commander was brother to Brendon Stark, who went to kill the 13th commander for his evil crimes.

The king of the Night Fort was defeated and his name erased from history. Maybe this will be paralleled? ‘So to recap and wrap up: I believe the Night King is after Dany to be his new Queen. She’ll agree, so she can be with her dragons again. So in a way, she still gets her throne and that’s why in her vision the iron throne is covered in snow because she’s meant to be on an ice throne.

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Also my theory supports the warlock saying “You’ll be with your dragons through winter, summer, then winter again” How can she do this unless she is reunited with ALL three dragons?’ We hate to say it, but all the signs are suggesting Daeneyrs won’t be making it out of season eight alive. From the prophecy of Azor Ahai, which pretty much says Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will kill her, to scientific research which genuinely confirms she’s a goner and you can’t argue with the straight up facts.


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