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How Meghan Markle’s new staff member is causing a BIG rift with Duchess Kate and Prince William

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Rumours of a rift between Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have been bubbling for months and now the palace has hired a new deputy communications secretary to handle all the royal rumblings.

But already it seems to have backfired – instead of improving tensions between the sisters-in-law, it’s now reached fever pitch.

Woman’s Day can reveal the mother-to-be has blindsided Kate, 37, and her husband Prince William, 36, by treating dashing employee Christian Jones as her personal publicist!

“She’s gone against the grain once again,” our royal aide spilled.

“He’s palace staff for a few weeks and already Meghan is monopolising his time.

“She’s acting like Christian works for just her, and it’s gone down like a lead balloon with Kate and William. It’s the ultimate betrayal, especially since he has been hired to work for both the Sussexes and the Cambridges.”

Christian was previously a Brexit speechwriter and press secretary before his move to Kensington Palace. Since his appointment, Meghan has dragged him into private meetingsand was even spotted having a business lunch with him.

“It looks like she wants to turn Christian into her confidant,” our palace source revealed.

“The last thing she wants is for any of her other staff members to leave.”

Meghan, 37, recently lost both her personal assistant and her bodyguard after just six months. While many praise her work ethic, others say it’s all due to her supposed diva-ish demands.

“Meghan sees herself as media savvy from her days as an actress,” our insider said.

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“She knows she’s got a bad image right now and is carefully strategising to turn it around.”

But her self-preservation plan is escalating the ongoing tensions with the Cambridges in the process.

“It’s yet another example of Meghan doing what she wants,” the insider added, “Kate and Wills have had enough.”

The rift comes after Woman’s Day revealed Meghan has plans beyond the royal family, with the former Suits actress planning her grand Hollywood comeback.

A source spilled Meghan’s secret ambition has always been to win an Academy Award.

In December, Meghan’s former showbiz agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne confirmed that Meghan had plans to return to acting.

“I’m sure she’ll make a movie again,” Gina said.

However, it’s believed William is firmly against the idea.

“Harry is fully supportive but William thinks it’s tacky,” a source revealed.

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