How Prince Charles Sarcastically Dubbed Kate’s Mom As ‘Queen’ Carole Because Of George

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Prince Charles previously expressed his desire to spend more time with Prince George when the latter was much younger. The heir to the throne felt that his eldest grandchild was spending more time with Kate Middleton’s parents.

Years ago, a source told Daily Star that Prince Charles shared his thoughts about spending time with Prince George during his conversation with his friends. The dad of two reportedly felt that Carole Middleton has taken over the third in line to the throne.

“And he is said to have blamed ‘the March of the Middletons’ for his exclusion,” the source said. The insider also claimed that Prince Charles sarcastically dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge’s mom as “Queen Carole” because she’s dictating so much how Prince George should be raised.

But shortly after the report surfaced, a spokesperson for the Palace said that they couldn’t comment on the claims because it’s a private matter. The spokesperson also refused to reveal when Prince Charles last saw his eldest grandchild.


Prince Charles is rarely seen with his grandchildren in public. They were previously photographed together on Prince Charles’ 70th birthday portrait. In the snap, the 6-year-old royal is sitting on his grandfather’s lap.

But every now and then, Prince George and his younger siblings spend time with their mom’s side of the family. Prince William and Kate would normally invite the latter’s parents to join them on their vacations.

However, Prince Charles is a very busy man. He’s the heir to the throne, and he’s also preparing to be king. As such, it’s unlikely for him to be able to go on vacations with his grandchildren because he usually has engagements when they’re on break.

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Carole and Michael Middleton, on the other hand, are private citizens. As such, their schedule is not as busy compared to the members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, even though Prince Charles doesn’t get to spend much time with Prince George, the two royals are still quite close. In fact, the latter fondly calls the former “Grandpa Wales.”


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