Kate Middleton Exudes Quiet Resilience Amid Media Pressure, Perfect For Prince William Embracing His Destiny

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Like all members of the royal family, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been the subject of both good and bad press. Prince William’s wife, however, has not granted media interviews to speak about the issues thrown at her unlike Meghan Markle, who openly spoke of her struggles with media scrutiny in a TV interview.

Being outspoken might not be Kate’s strong suit but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t a strong woman, according to one fan on Twitter. Instead, the Duchess of Cambridge exudes a quiet resilience, which is an amazing trait befitting of someone who would be the future Queen of England.

Other royal fans remarked that it’s even more courageous for a royal to stay quiet despite the media scrutiny. Kate Middleton did not break down when she was hounded by the press during her days of dating Prince William.

Her former employers at the retail brand Jigsaw commended Kate Middleton for the way she behaved towards the media back then. John and Belle Robinson, the brand’s owners, told the Evening Standard that when TV crews would stalk Kate outside the store, she refused to go out the back to hide from them.


Instead, Kate Middleton would oblige the media with photos or videos of her because she knew they will not stop following until they get what they wanted. She understood that it’s the only way for the media to leave her alone after a photo or a video if she allowed this small gesture.

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Kate’s behavior showed the world even then that she is ready to take on the duties of a royal. Because of this resilience, fans think that Kate Middleton will enjoy longevity just like Queen Elizabeth. She is the perfect match for Prince William, who would one day sit on the throne as he is destined to be the king.

In contrast, Prince Harry and Meghan took on the media since the beginning of their relationship. A few months after this was confirmed, Prince Harry released a statement asking the press to lay off Meghan Markle.

Two years later, Prince Harry would once again announce address the media to say that he’s filing three lawsuits against three news outlets. One of these lawsuits entailed the publication’s printing of his wife’s private letter to her father.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would also figure in a controversial documentary interview, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, to publicly declare that they are having a hard time with the media scrutiny. The documentary’s airing has since gathered opposing opinions on whether or not the media has crossed the line with the royals.


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