Kate Middleton Is Taking George and Charlotte to Her Favorite London Hangout This Summer - TASTE EVERY SEASON
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Kate Middleton Is Taking George and Charlotte to Her Favorite London Hangout This Summer

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The Cambridge family might be literal royalty, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t relatable AF. Case-in-point: Kate Middleton living that summer vacation mom life and taking Prince George and Princess Charlotte on all kinds of adventures during their school break.

According to The Mirror, Kate has been keeping her two oldest kids entertained this summer, citing “insiders” who explain that she’s been taking them to some of her favorite London hangouts, like Hurlingham Club, a private members club in Fulham, London.

At the club, which is a quick 25-minute drive from the family’s Kensington Palace home, George and Charlotte have been taking tennis lessons. Prince Louis has been tagging along for the trips to the club, and apparently loves “exploring the playground and water play area,” according to the Mirror‘s report.

According to other people at the club, the Cambridges are just like any other family when they’re there.

“Kate has been at Hurlingham a lot over the summer. She takes all the kids,” a source told Hello! Magazine of the outings. “There’s a gorgeous playground they all love, and George and Charlotte have tennis lessons. They all pile into the clubhouse afterwards for lunch or tea and they’re never bothered, they’re just like any normal family. They all seem to really love it there.”

Kate has also apparently spent time in the pool with the kids, even organizing games and races with them in the water.

“The children were very well behaved and both were practicing their diving from the side,” a source told Mail Online. “Kate was organizing little races for them and they did it around four or five times. She said ‘ready, steady go’ and did a downward chopping action in the water to indicate the start of the race.”

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