Kate Middleton, Prince William Bikini Photos Revealed; Fans Praised Royal Couple For Knowing When To ‘PDA’

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For almost a decade now, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been enjoying being married to each other. While allegations and speculations continue to emerge since then, it looks like the two royals always get the better out of these reports.

Fans are convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a strong relationship. Aside from the bond that they always share in their duties as the royals, reports claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton also like to spend time together at beaches and resorts.

For years now, bikini photos of the two royals have been always seen on various media sources and platforms. But, among all these photos, one stood out from the rest.

According to reports, this photo clearly depicts a happy Kate Middleton and Prince William. As the young prince wears a pair of colorful beach shorts, the duchess wears a black neck-tie two-piece swimsuit.

While their fit figures have become one of the subjects of the photo, many fans and critics noticed that two royals are holding hands. This is one of the “rare moments” when Prince William and Kate Middleton can be seen doing a “PDA.” As a result, fans were a bit ecstatic.

Many royal critics and supporters made it known that this should be the best time and place where royals could do “PDA.” Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are reportedly always “clingy” and “touchy” with each other, despite the serious nature of events that they are in.


Some fans took their praises to social media platforms. Based on some statements, Prince William and Kate Middleton know effectively how to work the public and audience depending on the event. Others even noted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex must learn a lot of things from the Cambridge couple.

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On another note, though, Dress Like A Duchess released a series of bikini photos of Kate Middleton. This is probably a way to make things lighter given the weight of the apparent comparisons toward the two couples.

Based on the photos, the Cambridge couple seemed to really love the beaches, every now and then. The first bikini photo depicted the Duchess of Cambridge on her white two-piece. This was taken days before her wedding to Prince William.

Another set of bikini photos were also seen after the wedding in 2011. As for the other photos, they all emerged year after year until a topless photo of the duchess made the headlines. It is only in 2017 when the trial ended.


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