Meghan Markle and Harry ‘win Brit public back’ with Africa tour – royal experts

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have finally won back the British public, royal commentators have boldly claimed to Daily Star Online.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s 10-day tour of Africa, dubbed a “make-or-break” trip, has been hailed a huge PR success, we can reveal.

The couple had jetted off to the continent last week, with Archie in arms, against a backdrop of a ticking time-bomb of fury at the Sussexes.

They faced accusations of hypocrisy from the public after flying on three lavish breaks abroad by private jet while preaching about climate change.

And it came weeks after they kept details of Archie’s birth private, while not revealing him to the public until two days after his birth.

An alleged feud between them and Prince William and Kate Middleton also raised eyebrows as the “fab four” were suddenly no more.

The couples broke up their charity partnership as Meghan and Harry – who moved out of Kensington Palace earlier this year – were dropped from the Royal Foundation’s name.

But this week when the couple stepped back onto British soil on the back of a royal tour of Africa – the tide apparently turned.

Royal commentators have told Daily Star Online the so-called “make or break” trip has grasped back support for the Sussexes.

And they reckon even the Queen, also having suffered a difficult summer amid Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of parliament, has been left impressed.

Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, told us: “Harry and Meghan’s tour was a huge success by all accounts, and I think courtiers, and even The Queen herself, will be impressed with how the 10-day trip turned out.

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“The royal couple very much carried out this visit in their own individual style, which may not have suited other members of The Royal Family.

“After the controversy over the summer regarding private jets, I think the Sussexes have taken a step in repairing their image which wasn’t terribly favourable when the departed the UK.

“This tour had to be a success for Harry & Meghan, if anything went wrong then it could have ended up being a PR disaster.

“But the residents of Frogmore Cottage can sleep easy tonight knowing that they have recaptured the public’s support after a turbulent few months in the spotlight.”

During the tour Prince Harry captured hearts all over the globe by retracing his mum Princess Diana’s steps through a minefield in Huambo, Angola.

He walked, alone, along a path which was formerly the minefield Diana bravely walked through, before reflecting on the moment as “emotional”.

Harry also reminded people of the iconic picture of Diana wearing her protective body armour and visor for the minefield visit, by wearing the same gear himself.

Meghan touched hearts throughout the tour, paying a secret visit to the memorial of a South African student who was brutally tortured, raped and murdered.

She used her visit to try and highlight the spiralling gender-based violence in the continent, suggesting South Africa is in a “crisis state”

During one of many visits to charities in Africa, she said: “It is at a crisis state here and the age range that it is happening at is really staggering.”

And last but not least Archie, who also grabbed at heartstrings with his first appearance on a royal tour at the tender age of four months.

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He was pictured meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu during one visit – dubbed “Arch meets Arch” – as the baby was seen giving the religious leader a high five.

Joe Little, editor of Majesty Magazine, told Daily Star Online earlier this week that Meghan and Harry’s tour had been a resounding success.

He told us as the Sussexes neared the end of their tour: “The tour thus far has been a great success and the coverage here in the UK overwhelmingly positive.

“Team Sussex must be pleased by the media reaction to it.”


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