Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Nearing Danger Point In Their Relationship -

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Nearing Danger Point In Their Relationship

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are assumed to be in a dangerous phase of their relationship. There are beliefs that the two are on the verge of breaking up because they just celebrated their third-year anniversary!

According to royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might not look like they are fighting or becoming cynical about teir relationshp in public, but there is a high chance that they are in realtiy. This is because they are already three years in a relationship and this means that the honeymoon phase is definitely over.

As claimed by expert Angela Mollard, the three-year mark will be crucial for the royal couple. She claimed that it is a known psychology fact that this is the period wherein couples generally move out of the limerence phase and become more in tune with reality.

Ms Mollard explained, “I’ve been thinking about this a lot, because three years is generally understood by relationship psychologists and counsellors to be the point where you move out of the limerence phase.” She added, “Limerence is deeper than infatuation, but it’s the beginning of a relationship where it’s all butterflies and you laugh together all the time and you’re very amenable.”

Mollard claimed that at the persent, she firmly perceives the two as having to deal with “a lot of conflicting forces within their lives.” She added that their marriage must be in trouble now especially since “they have to have a marriage that is stronger than most.”


According to the expert, their marriage faces troubles that normal couples do not, which make the danger phase even more dangerous. “They will have to work very hard with a lot of pressures that most people don’t endure, to make sure that they focus on  their relationship staying really strong,” she explained.

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This expert’s claims are not the only ones pessimistic about the royal couple’s marriage. Even astrologers are not that optimistic. According to Russel Grant, an astrologer, the Duchess of Sussex’s horoscope for September is making her prone to arguments. The upcoming full moon might be a trigger for her and Prince Harry to get into heavy disagreements, among others.

“Arguments over an insurance refund, legal settlement or inheritance could erupt on the 14th, due to a contentious Full Moon. It will be necessary to hire a lawyer to represent your interests… Don’t respond to taunting messages from the other side. Keep a record of all the messages you receive… By refusing to get drawn into this drama, you will prevail financially, ” Grant advised the former “Suits” actress.

“Be prepared for certain relationships to fall apart at the seams. You’re about to learn how money can cause people to behave in hurtful ways,” he also said. Since he mentioned money, he could be implying Markle and her father’s relationship turning sourer than it already is.

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