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Meghan Markle Gets Full Support From Prince Charles And Queen Elizabeth II Amid Criticisms

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Meghan Markle gets a handful of tasks and challenges since starting as a member of the British Royal Family, from wife to mother, on her royal duties as Duchess of Sussex and still being able to get appreciative nods from the Queen and her father-in-law, Heir Apparent Prince Charles. Despite some miscommunications from even her “royal aides” because of being very different from the usual grace of Kate Middleton and of the senior royals, Queen Elizabeth II even gave Meghan Markle her “unofficial mentor” and ally with Sophie Countess of Wessex.

And that is because the 38-year old retired American actress was able to capture the hearts of no other than Prince Charles and the Queen herself. From Balmoral invites to the Prince of Wales’ support to her endeavors, Meghan Markle can survive the big blow of being a royal because of their great help.

This is a great sigh of relief for the Duke of Sussex who has been protecting his family from the harsh realities of the British Monarchy. It is true that even Prince Harry himself has to endure having a brother who is destined to be King of England and how Princess Diana has kept him secured and especially loved because of this.

For starters, Palace advisors and almost anybody would compare the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and it hasn’t been healthy since then. They are two different characters and roles in the British Monarchy, and the privilege of independence and privacy, still with the knowledge of the Queen, have always been for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to enjoy.

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Good thing though, their allies and moral support are getting bigger in number and quality as Prince Charles himself reportedly developed a special fondness with Meghan Markle. Looking back when the Prince of Wales walked her down the aisle after Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle Snr, said he was no longer be able to attend because of a heart-related problem which prevented him from getting on a long-distance flight.

From there, Prince Harry had a renewed closeness with his father because of that poignant moment, and apparently, Prince Charles made it clear that he supports Meghan Markle’s philanthropy and charity work, and “that the whole household should get on-side.” Even Queen Elizabeth II has her full support and approval of Meghan Markle’s endeavors, and she will not be doing anything unless the Queen herself approved it.

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