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Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Chosen A Design For Her Nursery

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In most ways, Meghan Markle‘s life is very different from the other 7 billion people on earth. Every single time she steps outside, she is subjected to public scrutiny, from what she says to the way she walks to the way she holds her torso. But some things are the same no matter how famous you are—and so, in the final months of her pregnancy, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry are preparing for impending parenthood the way anyone else would. They’re picking out colors for their nursery.

While out at an event, Meghan casually revealed her due date to a woman in the crowd when she asked: The Sussex baby is expected around late April and early May, putting Meghan at about eight months along. In an interview with ET, royals reporter Katie Nicholl said, “She has told friends that this is the most exciting [time], the happiest period in her life.” She continued: “I’m told that she is upbeat and that she is happy.”

Meghan and Harry are currently gearing up for an official move out of Kensington Palacein London to the much more subdued nearby city of Windsor, where they will live at Frogmore Cottage.

“Behind the scenes, she and Harry are really happy at the moment,” Nicholl said. “They are super excited about the spring birth of their baby. They are very much looking forward to moving into their new home in Frogmore Cottage.”

And while their adoring public are desperate to know the sex of the baby, the Sussexes aren’t even finding out themselves. “The couple has said that they don’t know the sex of their baby,” Nicholl said. “Meghan gave away a little detail that we’ve all been hoping to hear, that it’s going to be a spring baby.”

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Meghan’s Friend Serena Williams May Have Given Away a Huge Secret.

Although the royal pair is keeping the sex of their baby hush-hush, Serena Williams may have just spilled the beans to E! News. “My friend is pregnant,” Williams says in the interview. “And she was like, ‘My kid’s gonna do this,’ and I just looked at her and was like, ‘No, she’s not. No, you’re not.’”

While the tennis champion doesn’t necessarily say that her pregnant friend is the Duchess of Sussex, one can only hope there’s an adorable little girl on the way.

Expect Harry and Meghan’s Nursery to Be Pretty Modern.

What Nicholl can share? The color palette of the nursery they’re decorating at Frogmore. “[A]ccording to sources who are helping with [their new home] renovations, the nursery itself is going to be very modern. Don’t expect to see any baby pink or pale blues. Apparently, it’s going to be a monochrome palette—whites and grays, I’m told, will be the color theme for baby Sussex’s nursery.”Whites and grays sounds about right, as Meghan is known for loving neutral palettes in her wardrobe. As outspoken feminists, both, the pair might not like the standard pastel pink or pale blue for their baby, either.

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