Meghan Markle Irrelevant, Princess Diana’s ex-secretary Says

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Meghan Markle is being attacked left and right with heated descriptions and comments.  She’s being painted as the person destroying the royal family.

First, she is dubbed as “constitutionally irrelevant” by Princess Diana’s ex-secretary himself. Patrick Jefferson criticized the Duchess of Sussex as chewing more than she could swallow, even though she technically does not have to because she’s mere “six in line to the throne.” At the same time, Markle is viewed as Britain’s biggest social climber.

On Sunday, “60 Minutes Australia” reported that the royal house is currently divided and in chaos all because of Meghan Markle’s presence. The former “Suits” star is described as the root of all the problems that the Buckingham Palance today. This is quite harsh.

Presenter Karl Stefanovic asked the controversial question of “Can the ghost of Diana save Harry and Meghan’s fractured fairy tale?” and the whole episode discussed all that is wrong in this marriage and Markle. The episode is controversial, which social media users quickly slammed.According to those who took to their social media to air their irate views, the episode was simply baseless, painting the royal unnecessarily as a source of drama and “a major headache of the family.


Princess Diana’s ex-secretary certainly did not hold back though in sharing his scathing views of Prince Harry’s wife.  According to him, Markle  “hit the ground running” without comprehending first where she is “running to” in the first place. He also claimed that Markle should be doing less instead of getting into so many things because  “she is, after all, wife of the sixth in line to the throne. That means that she is constitutionally irrelevant.”

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He also said that Markle not being British is a problem that she should strive to solve first.  “Meghan isn’t and never has been an ordinary British person, so part of her challenge is to work out what it feels like, what it is to be an ordinary British person and not to be one, but to understand therefore how to best use her extraordinary influence and high profile,” he added.

What Jefferson said is certainly controversial, but it could not be more scandalous than what the British magazine Tatler did. The magazine recently produced their list of social climbers and Markle topped the list, officially cementing into the minds of many that British people view Prince Harry’s wife as a social climber.

The publication said: “Not quite a rags-to-riches tale (she was privately educated and her scapegrace father won an Emmy for lighting direction) but the Ralph & Russo-clad beacon of change has found a role that suits her to perfection: a tungsten toughie to drag the royal family into the 21st century.”


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