Meghan Markle Is Accused Of Being ‘Fake’, Netizens Discuss Issue |

Meghan Markle Is Accused Of Being ‘Fake’, Netizens Discuss Issue

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Meghan Markle has been accused of faking everything and royal fans have reacted to this.

The Duchess of Sussex has been plagued with various controversies since she joined the royal family. New Idea published a report with a headline that read: “New Interview She Faked It All.” Prince Harry and Markle’s photos are in the cover and a text below their photos read, “Palace Rocked By Shocking Claims.”

Royal fans have mixed reactions about the matter. One follower commented, saying that the article doesn’t say anything new. All the claims inside had been reported in the past and the “title is misleading.“

“I thought the same thing. There is NOTHING in the article that says she made anything up. Title is click bait,” another netizen added.

A different user also defended the former “Suits” actress. According to the social media user, if Markle faked everything the royal family would have known it.

“If Meghan faked it all, wouldn’t the Royals be complicit too? For sure Harry. This is not a regular family, with the security and formality that goes with being Royals. They knew or some of them knew. The only one who looked that did not want go with it was Prince William,” the user wrote.


Meanwhile, one netizen asked if Markle would also sue New Idea following the report. A different user said that she couldn’t do it because the publication was telling the truth.

“She can’t sue. It’s true. She lied. How can she sue when they are telling the truth that she lied. She even said ‘I lied to every casting director’. She was proud of it. She is such a B,” the online user commented.

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Prince Harry and Markle announced during their trip to South Africa that they sued Mail on Sunday for publishing her private letter to her dad. The duchess felt that it was edited to make her look bad. Days after that, Prince Harry also filed a lawsuit against The Sun and The Mirror. Many believe that by doing so, the royal couple was starting a war against the press.

Markle once again addressed the issue in a court document recently released by various publicaitons. According to the file, “the omitted or suppressed parts of the letter amount to almost half of the actual content.” The document also addressed Markle’s true relationship with her father.

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