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Meghan Markle Surprised Jameela Jamil with a Personal Phone Call

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Jameela Jamil was overjoyed to be included in British Vogue‘s September issue, which has been guest-edited by the Duchess of Sussex. But the actress had no idea that she’d have the chance to speak to Meghan Markle herself.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, (via Instagram user @_duchess_of_sussex), Jamil explained, “She phoned me herself on my mobile phone. And I missed the call three times. They must have thought I was playing it cool.” But the real reason Jamil missed the calls was because Meghan apparently phoned from a blocked number, and the performer also described herself as “just crap at my phone.”

Just like the rest of us, The Good Place star was pretty surprised to hear from Duchess Meghan. She revealed, “I didn’t presume that it was going to be the royal family on the bloody phone, did I? And then at one point Duke Harry walked in during the phone call and he said hello on the phone. It was all very surreal.”

The star described the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “very kind, smart, funny people.” Understandably, Meghan chose Jamil for her guest-edited issue of British Vogue because of the actress’s dedication to activism and feminism.

Jamil explained, “She called me and told me how much she is invested in my work, in advocacy for women, and she was naming back things that I’ve done.” Jamil continued, “She said that she’d specifically asked for me to write the open editorial.”

It’s clear that Meghan put a lot of care and attention into creating the perfect guest-edited issue, and that includes personally phoning her contributors. Plus, hearing Prince Harry in the background of a phone call sounds pretty great, too.

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