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Meghan Markle Traps From Royal Family, Receives Cautious Warning From Late Princess Diana’s Butler

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It’s been months already ever since most of us heard from Meghan Markle. And while she is currently having a peaceful time with her husband, Prince Harry, and their son, Archie, in their new home at the Frogmore Cottage, the news and reports never bothered to stop.

Of course, becoming part of the Royal Family entails a lot of provisions. But it also comes with a much less private life as the public would indulge with everything.

And for Meghan Markle, herself, who is a black American and does not share royal blood, the controversies obviously would never stop.

Although many people believe some of the rumors and reports that have been publicized about the Duchess of Sussex, there are still those individuals who wish her well. And surprisingly, one of which is the previous butler of the late Princess Diana, Paul Burrell.

Earlier this year, Paul Burrell sat down in a close interview. And during the course, he gave cautious warnings to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

According to Latin Times, the butler to the late Princess of Wales warned the Duchess about the things that come with becoming a part of the Royal Family. He contended that the experiences of becoming royal blood, especially during the “Christmas festivities” are “far from reality.”

Also, he also asked for Meghan to stay close to her husband, Prince Harry, as he will be the one always to have her back. Along with the Duke of Sussex, Burrell also mentioned that she should trust the prince’s “granny.”

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“Granny knows best,” he added. And when she is having problems with anything about her life of being royalty, she should tell it personally and directly to the Queen as she will know what to do and she’ll listen close.

The butler also shared that these were also the same things that he told to the late Princess Diana as she became the face of many controversies and reports when she married the Prince of Wales. And even if she shared royal blood, herself, it seemingly appears that she only found isolation amid all the commotion as per Cheat Sheet.

He further revealed that there would be traps for her along the way. And this is because of the apparent ego and “big personalities” that the Royal Family have. So, Meghan Markle must always be mindful. Also, having her husband and the Queen as well by her side will keep her safe.

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