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Meghan Markle’s downfall: Why the world turned against the Duchess

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The Duchess of Sussex has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most-watched women.
In fact this year, Meghan Markle topped Google’s most searched global figures of the year for a second year in a row.
We love to fawn over Duchess Meghan’s outfits, watched her cradle her adorable baby bump during her pregnancy with baby Archie and can’t get enough of her incredible love story with Prince Harry.
While the new mother has enjoyed several years of overwhelming public support, suddenly the tide has turned against her.
The 37-year-old former Suits actress can no longer escape the almost daily rumours being leaked from Kensington Palace about the supposed rift her arrival has caused. Whether it’s right or wrong, the rumour mill is swirling.
So how on earth did this happen? How did the most adored woman in the world become the subject of such vicious tabloid chatter?
Here’s a timeline explaining exactly how it happened.

Just 18 months after they were first introduced by friends in London, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world.
Arriving to their photocall with the world’s press hand-in-hand, the new couple couldn’t take their eyes off each other.
But this happy news didn’t come out of the blue. The announcement came just months after Kensington Palace released an extraordinary statement begging the media to give Meghan some privacy.
This was a clear indication that Harry was serious about this relationship and didn’t want to scare Meghan off.
News coverage at the time was overwhelmingly positive. Finally the heartbroken little boy that walked behind his mother’s coffin in 1997 had found his happily ever after.

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MAY 2018: The wedding of the year

Everything about this wedding was straight out of a fairytale – the nervous Prince, the beautiful bride in her custom Givenchy gown and that stunning veil embroidered with all the flowers of the Commonwealth countries.
As Harry and Meghan shared their first kiss in front of the world, we collectively swooned.
Once again, Harry and Meghan mania dominated the headlines and unsurprisingly, the number one news event of 2018 was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding.
An estimated 1.9 billion tuned in around the world to watch the couple exchange vows at St George’s Chapel, Windsor in May with their wedding injecting an estimated $AUD3.5 billion dollars into the British economy.
Whether it was fans stocking up on their Meghan and Harry memorabilia or tourists jetting into Windsor from around the world, the pin-up royal couple were literally worth their weight in gold.

JUNE 2018: The Queen gives her tick of approval

Ok, so we know Harry’s obsessed with Meghan, but what about The Queen?
Back in June, the newlywed and Queen Elizabeth had their first official royal outing together and it could not have been more of a success, with the pair looking close and spending the whole day giggling together.
At one point during the day, the Queen stepped in to lend a helping hand to the nervous Duchess.
In a moment of confusion when entering a car, Meghan was unsure if she or the monarch should get in first. A flustered Meghan stepped back to let the Queen enter the car first.
“What is your preference?” Meghan politely asked the Queen, to which she replied: “You go first.”
“Oh okay,” Meghan responded, before quickly getting into the vehicle.
Soon after this cute day out, it emerged that Meghan has her own nickname for the Queen.
According to the editor of Majesty magazine, Meghan refers to the Queen as “Mama, rather than the traditional “Ma’am”.
In their official engagement video released by the BBC, Prince Harry even jokes that the Queen’s dogs took an instant liking to Meghan.
“I’ve spent the last 33 years being barked at, this one walks in, absolutely nothing,” Harry said of Meghan’s first encounter with the royal pups. “Just wagging tails, and I was like, ‘Argh.'”
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