Meghan Markle’s make-up artist shares the exact 10-step routine he used to give the royal her wedding day glow

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Meghan Markles make-up artist has shared his step-by-step guide on how to achieve the natural look the royal wore for her wedding day.

Beauty guru Daniel Martin, whose known Meghan, 38, since her time on TV drama Suits, appeared on Lorraine today where he shared exactly how to recreate Duchess of Sussex‘s signature glow in ten simple steps.

He also revealed exactly what it was like on the ‘incredible’ morning of the day she tied the knot with Prince Harry, 35, insisting that Meghan was completely relaxed and had ‘so much fun’ creating her wedding look.

After his model had prepped her skin using her own individual skincare regime,  Daniel began by applying foundation the size of ‘5 pence piece’ and applying it with an eyeshadow brush from the middle of the face.


‘First step is to prep the skin with your individual skincare regime.

‘The first thing is your complexion,  so I take size of 5p of foundation I use a small eye shadow brush.

‘As we have a lot of redness in the middle of our face it’s better to start here and blend out so you can gauge the coverage you’re getting.’

He then takes a sponge and blends the foundation with some concealer, which is applied underneath the eyes and on any blemishes on the face with his finger.

He said: ‘I like to go in with a sponge and blend out.

‘Now I’m taking a little bit of concealer, I like to use my finger for concealer because it enables me to feel the face and where I need to cover it.’

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