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Meghan, please don’t make Prince Harry choose between you and us

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OPINION: Am I alone in feeling absolutely dismayed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are suing a tabloid newspaper over an invasion of her privacy?

That’s a rhetorical question. I know for a fact that a great many of you share my consternation, because when I wrote an open letter to Meghan in early July, I was inundated with sometimes anguished correspondence.

Just one email scolded that it was none of my business where Prince Harry’s son was born, or who his godparents were.

The rest of you were in agreement that it was entirely appropriate to voice a legitimate concern about the obfuscatory behaviour of a much-loved member of our royal family and his new wife, whom we had warmly welcomed to these shores.

I reached out more in sorrow than in anger. To any woman not born and bred in these isles, our customs might appear bizarre and inconsistent. The Windsors may nominally be our rulers, but in some respects public opinion governs them.

Our loyalty is predicated on deep affection and trust – but that must be a two-way relationship. Unnecessary secrecy erodes the foundations of a relationship built up over many generations.


Meghan, we were so head-over-heels delighted to be finally introduced to sweet baby Archie on your visit to South Africa that we ruefully overlooked the fact you waited until you were a continent away to do it.

Yes, it may have been hurtful to find that details of a private letter to your father were leaked, but these things blow over. Never complain. Never explain. Rise above.

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There are any number of stirring mottos to cover even the most horribilis annus. I expect Her Majesty could share a few.

She would doubtless tell you that legal action is the wrong course of action. Far from garnering sympathy, it smacks of isolationism.

Harry visibly adores you, Meghan. He will do anything for you and the little family you have created – including this unprecedented and ill-judged attack on the press.

He has your back, but please don’t force him to choose between you and us. In the event of that make-or-break contest, I fear there would be no winners.

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