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Polly Hudson: Meghan Markle’s mum moving in? Sounds like the mother of all mistakes

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Meghan’s mum is going to be with her when she has the babe and move in the royal couple afterwards. Bad idea, says Mirror columnist Polly Hudson,

On the surface it seems like such a lovely idea.

Meghan Markle’s mum is planning to be present when her grandchild arrives, and to live with the new parents for an extended period afterwards. To help them settle as a family. Ahhh. Sweet.

But think about it properly. This has disaster written all over it.

Did no one learn anything from The Legend of Cheryl, Ashley and Joan?

There’s a fine line between mothering and smothering… oh, and guess what – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This plan is the first foot Meghan has put wrong – and that body part is the perfect metaphor for this situation actually.

Meghan’s foot was still, at last time of seeing it, shapely, slender and effortlessly wearing a very high stiletto heel.


Rather than massive, swollen and not happy unless it’s in a slipper like every other woman alive at that stage of their pregnancy.

Meghan is used to things being different for her. Normal rules don’t usually apply.

For other women, mum moving in just after they’d given birth might be challenging – but not for Meghan. She’s mindful, stylish, special.

The whole world fell in love with her mum Doria at the wedding because of her quiet dignity in the face of realising too late you probably should have asked for a Plus One. These are exceptional circumstances, featuring exceptional people.

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And yet…  parenthood – especially new parenthood – is one of the great levellers.

They could all be in for quite a shock.

Just generally, across the board, no matter who or where you are – there’s just something about that mother/daughter dynamic that needs careful handling.

It can go off at a moment’s notice, without warning. There’s no one who can push your buttons like your mum. Whether she means to or not.

Even the most simple mother/daughter relationship is complicated.

So if you add to that the killer ingredients of no sleep, no space and raging hormones, you have a recipe for a proper nightmare. How could it not be?

Plus, one party is brand new to the experience, while the other has been through it all before and knows how to do everything – so the playing field isn’t level.

The odds are stacked against them in every way.

And also, whatever Harry professes, and however amazing Doria genuinely is – no man wants to live with his mother-in-law. NO man.

That is just a truth that should be universally acknowledged, globally, to save time and awkward conversations.

All we can do now is hope that someone involved in this plan will come to their senses before it’s too late.

Realise that there are some truths in life that are universal, and human nature is one of them. Save everyone from themselves.

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