Prince Charles Broke His Arm And Asked The Chef To Stay At The Hospital With Him! |

Prince Charles Broke His Arm And Asked The Chef To Stay At The Hospital With Him!

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Sometime ago in the 1990s, Prince Charles broke his arm when he fell off his horse during a game of polo. After having a three-hour surgery, the Prince of Wales asked his royal chef, Carolyn Robb, to stay with him at the hospital for one week.

According to reports, Prince Charles insisted on this arrangement because he didn’t want his hospital stay to cause undue burden to the National Health Service. Instead, he sought access to the hospital’s kitchen facilities so that his chef can prepare his meals, as well as the meals of his guests, while he recovered from his broken arm.

Princess Diana was also at the hospital to attend to her husband, according to the royal chef. But the press, at that time, reported, it was an extravagance to have the cook stay with the royals.

Chef Robb, however, clarified that even with a broken arm, Prince Charles carried on with his work, so he had frequent meetings at the hospital. It was his way of keeping things running even if he was recovering from an injury.


On top of that, Prince Charles was reportedly fussy with the kinds of food he’d like to eat. So, rather than put pressure on the National Health Service to prepare his meals just as he’d like it, it made sense to have his cook do it for him.

Another former royal cook, Darren McGrady, confirmed that Prince Charles is quite particular with what he eats. When he visits Queen Elizabeth, he brings his produce which has been harvested from his garden.

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According to the Scotsman, for someone who has a personal chef and who could literally eat like a king, Prince Charles’ diet is basic but quite specific. He likes to eat boiled eggs for breakfast, but these eggs must be exactly cooked at four minutes. Prince Charles also reportedly often skips lunch, and when he sits down for dinner, he prefers to eat pheasant or game birds that have been hunted down.

Prince Charles’ staff said that the future king often misses lunch because he’s so work-oriented. He’s used to this by now and doesn’t seem to be bothered by an empty stomach at all. His staff, on the other hand, have learned to eat a large breakfast before starting a busy day with Prince Charles since they will likely skip their lunch as well.

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