Prince Charles Prepares For 'Angry Showdown' With Prince Andrew, Seeks Advice From Prince Philip: Report |

Prince Charles Prepares For ‘Angry Showdown’ With Prince Andrew, Seeks Advice From Prince Philip: Report

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An “angry showdown” between Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is in the offing. Reports revealed that a meeting between the royal brothers would be taking place at Clarence House following Prince Andrew’s failed interview with the BBC about his controversial association with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the Telegraph, now that Prince Charles is back in town after his 12-day tour of India, New Zealand, and the Solomon Islands, he’ll soon summon his brother to his residence to personally discuss the fallout of his public spectacle in the media. More than that, sources expect that there could be a heated exchange since the Prince of Wales is quite furious at his brother.

Allegedly, Prince Charles felt that Prince Andrew’s controversy overshadowed the work he achieved during his royal tour. The Prince of Wales also plans on getting a grip on things at the palace to avoid further damage to the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth granted Prince Andrew the permission to talk to the press about his links to Epstein after months of keeping quiet. However, the reports further stated that she had no idea it would be a full-hour sit-down interview, even if it took place in Buckingham Palace.


According to the New York Post, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew might be meeting face-to-face this weekend. A royal expert said that the future King of England might read the riot act to his younger brother.

Meanwhile, sources said that Prince Charles asked for direct advice from his father, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. After arriving in London last Tuesday, Nov. 26, the Prince of Wales reportedly went straight to Sandringham in Norfolk.

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It is believed that Prince Charles rushed to Norfolk because it’s where Prince Philip has been staying since his retirement from public office. Reports stated that the Prince of Wales decided not to summon his brother and give Prince Andrew a dressing down without talking to Prince Philip first.

Prince Charles is said to be staying for the rest of the week in Sandringham. A source disclosed that the future king would like to carefully examine all evidence in light of the fact that Prince Andrew also resigned from his royal duties due to the backlash. Sources said that this could mean that the Duke of York would no longer be back in the inner circle in the royal family.

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