Prince Charles Worried About Prince Harry Turning Into Prince Andrew, Biographer Says |

Prince Charles Worried About Prince Harry Turning Into Prince Andrew, Biographer Says

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Prince Charles was reportedly once worried that Prince Harry would end up being like Prince Andrew.

The Prince of Wales and Duke of York reportedly aren’t close. The future king apparently even snubbed his younger brother during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012, which really upset Prince Andrewbecause he wanted to be there.

Katie Nicholl claimed in her book, “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love,” that Prince Charles was worried when Prince Harry decided to leave the army to step up with his royal engagements and help Queen Elizabeth II. The heir felt that Prince Harry was leaving the army too soon.

“Privately, he worried that his youngest son might fall into the same trap as his brother, Prince Andrew, who had struggled to find a sustainable role for himself after leaving the Royal Navy in 2001,” Nicholl wrote. “Drifting from one personal crisis to another.”

Prince Charles’ concerns about Prince Harry reportedly began after the Duke of Sussex issued an apology for his drunken behavior in Las Vegas in 2012. Meghan Markle’s husband was “lambasted” over the incident and was also branded that he was “no better than Randy Andy,” the nickname the press had given to his uncle Prince Andrew. According to Nicholl, Prince Harry hated the comparison.


The Prince of Wales was worried and upset with the decline in Prince Harry’s behavior and academic performance. While Prince William excelled in Eton, it was a rough ride for his younger brother. Prince Harry admitted that he didn’t enjoy school and wanted to be the “bad boy.”

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s youngest son was involved in a number of troubles when he was just 16. In 2011, he was caught drinking at Highgrove’s local pub and was also spotted smoking marijuana.

Prince Harry’s involvement in many scandals reportedly left Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in despair. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were particularly concerned when they learned that Prince Harry escaped an official police warning.

The news sent shockwaves through the members of the royal family. The palace tried its hardest to bury the issues, but Prince Charles’ parenting was still called into question.

Prince Harry is now a changed man. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their firstborn in spring.

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