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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want Younger Siblings For Archie

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Meghan Markle just gave birth to her and Prince Harry’s firstborn last month. But fans of the Sussexes just can’t get enough of cute baby Archie and are now speculating if the royal couple is already thinking about having baby number two.

What’s even more exciting is that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, already hinted that a younger sibling is already part of their long-term plans. “They absolutely want siblings for Archie, so possibly we will have a pregnancy announcement — a second pregnancy announcement for Meghan and Harry sometime next year — but, for the moment, the focus is obviously on Archie,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET.

For those who might not have noticed it, Nicholl used the word “siblings” in her statement. That’s right, Meghan and Harry want more than just one sibling for Archie.

“Sources close to the couple told me that they really would love to have a big family,” the royal expert revealed. “They are, by all accounts, amazing parents. They are loving parenthood.”

Nicholl said that the Sussexes would definitely welcome a second child. But it might not happen too soon, considering that Meghan just gave birth a couple of months ago. “I think it’s probably a little premature to be speaking about a second baby,” the royal expert clarified.


At the moment, Prince Harry and Meghan are focusing their attention on little Archie to make sure that the baby will get a normal upbringing as much as possible. Thus, privacy will be a top priority for the family at the moment.

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“You have to remember that Prince Harry grew up very much in the spotlight, never far away from the gaze of the cameras and at points in his life, that’s been something he has resented,” Nicholl explained.

The new home, Frogmore Cottage, will play a very important role in Archie’s upbringing. It will act as the family’s fortress, an oasis of peace to raise their child in.

Two-month-old Archie will have his christening this Saturday. At this point, Prince Harry and Meghan has decided to keep the identities of the baby’s godparents a secret.

“The godparents, in keeping with their wishes, will remain private,” their statement reads. However, Buckingham Palace assured fans that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be sharing photos of the event on social media. The palace hired photographer Chris Allerton to cover the event.

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