Prince William And Prince Harry’s Feud Not Caused By Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Here’s Why

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Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2018 royal wedding, there have been rumors suggesting the Duchess of Sussex’s feud with Kate Middleton caused a rift between the brothers.

Although the Palace has not confirmed the speculations, one royal expert believes there is tension within the royal family, but Meghan is not responsible for causing the issue.

According to Express UK, Chris Ship believes Prince William and Prince Harry are responsible for their strained relationship. “The truth is there has been a little bit of an issue between the two brothers, between William and Harry,” he explained.

“The way I explain that is because, after the death of their mother, we all know how awful that was for them – William was 15 and Harry was 12 – we, as a nation, have also given them the label of ‘the boys,’ ‘the brothers,’ they are the best of friends, and they came together after the death of their mother, which is true.”

However, Princess Diana’s death couldn’t stop William and Harry’s desire to be the best. “But also don’t forget they are also very competitive. They both went to Eton. They are alpha males. Siblings do have rivalry, and every family will know that,” Ship shared.


“Therefore, there has been a little bit of tension between the two of them. It’s not quite clear what started it.”

Ship noted that the speculation surrounding the brother’s rift has taken the spotlight off of Meghan and Kate’s rumored feud. “There was an issue between William and Harry. It was written as a problem between the wives,” he explained.

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“That actually isn’t true. We are told it is slightly better now and we are told they have been having a conversation after Archie was born and they have been into the new house where Harry and Meghan live in Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate.”

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship is reportedly “back on track” now that the brothers are preparing to fulfill their different roles within the royal family. While William and Kate will become King and Queen someday, Harry and Meghan will be on a “very different course.”

For now, it appears the couples are on better terms with one another and the royal family will continue to put on a united front, despite the rumors.

This article is originally published on IBTimes.


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