Prince William at Davos 2019: William cracks JOKE at WEF meeting - what did he say? |

Prince William at Davos 2019: William cracks JOKE at WEF meeting – what did he say?

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THE WORLD Economic Forum has taken place in Davos this year, with a host of famous faces acting as keynote speakers, among them David Attenborough and Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge was heard cracking a joke as he interviewed Sir David.

Prince William is among attendees today at the World Economic Forum – a gathering of some of the biggest figures in economic and political relations. Despite ongoing turmoil in the UK and US, both Donald Trump and Theresa May will be in attendance. The Swiss resort town is hosting leading figures as they talk about matters of climate change and global relations. Today, David Attenborough made a number of important points during an interview with the Duke of Cambridge, who cracked a rare joke in the public forum.

What joke did Prince William make at the WEF?

As one of the world’s foremost natural historians and environmental experts, Sir David Attenborough was invited to talk at the WEF.

He was interviewed by Prince William about the current state of the world environment, and a clip from his upcoming nature documentary was shown.

The 92-year-old was explaining the process behind the scenes of the show, and how tricky it can be to capture some scenes.

The scene in question was a glacier ‘calving’ as a large piece of ice split from the main body and into the water below.


Sir David explained this was a particularly unpredictable event, as glacier separation often occurs without warning.

Prince William quipped “quite like children, Sir David, unpredictable” as he flashed a knowing grin.

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The rest of the interview with the royal was based around the future of the environment, specifically challenges facing the next generation of world leaders.

The naturalist went into further detail of the technology available to the crew filming the new documentary, titled Our Planet.

He said: “The facilities we now have are unbelievable.

“We can go everywhere. We can go to the bottom of the sea, we can go into space, we can use drones, we can use helicopters, we can speed things up and we can slow them down.

“So the natural world has never been exposed to this degree before.”

Sir David also shared some urgent messages with the public, addressing the vital importance of aiding the environment.

The veteran broadcaster talked about “frightening” mechanisms which could see widespread environmental deterioration in the future.

Continuing his interview with the Prince, he said: “The future of the natural world is in our hands. We have never been more powerful.

“We can wreck it with ease. We can wreck it without even knowing we are doing it.

“And if we wreck the natural world, in the end, we wreck ourselves.”

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