Prince William Reveals He Had Problems With Prince Harry During His Time In Kensington Palace

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It has been weeks since Prince Harry seemingly confirmed a royal rift between him and his brother, Prince William. In an interview with Tom Bradby, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed how difficult and challenging it is to live the royal life. But, the more surprising revelation came after when the duke somehow revealed that he and his brother are not in good terms in recent days.

Based on Prince Harry’s words, he and Prince William are now on different paths. He also explained that, as brothers, they have good days and bad days too. In the end, however, the young prince still concluded that he and his brother will always love each other.

These statements left by the prince on national television left everyone in shock. Unsurprisingly, reports and headlines immediately emerged. Not to mention, reactions from fans and the rest of the public also surfaced.

But, despite everything, no confirmation has been made. Several reports attested, however, that Prince William shared his growing concerns for his brother.

According to Express UK, this isn’t the first time that Prince William shared his concerns and frustrations over Prince Harry. As it happened, there was a time before when he gladly revealed that his younger brother is finally moving out of the Kensington Palace, his home.

This is the time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already starting a family of their own. From Kensington Palace, the couple moved to Frogmore Cottage.


Prince William shared his excitement over Prince Harry’s new journey in life. He also shared his enthusiasm over Meghan Markle’s arrival in his brother’s life. However, it became a surprise when he revealed that this is what he wanted all along — for his younger brother to leave his home.

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In a scoop made by Fabiosa, it was stated that Prince William did not “like” living with Prince Harry. But, before all reports and headlines conclude different angles about his statement, he cleared it out.

As per the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry’s moving out could mean that he will “finally stay out” of his fridge. As it happened, the younger prince always “scrounge off” for food on Prince William’s kitchen.

He further revealed that Meghan Markle’s husband has done this for the last few years. So, having him out of his house will finally be a great moment for Prince William and his fridge stocks.

Quite obviously, the Duke of Cambridge was “poking fun” of his brother at that time. But, in light of recent events, it looks like the two princes are in the middle of an actual feud that no one knows the reason behind. While the reason remains unknown, it sure is not about Prince Williams’ fridge and stocks of food.


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