Princess Eugenie Baby Bump Rumors: New Photos Allegedly Confirms Pregnancy Of Prince Andrew’s Daughter -

Princess Eugenie Baby Bump Rumors: New Photos Allegedly Confirms Pregnancy Of Prince Andrew’s Daughter

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Is Princess Eugenie pregnant? That’s the question on everyone’s lips after new photos seemingly confirmed that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughter is expecting her first child.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank got married last year, and the 29-year-old younger daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York had been constantly rumored to be pregnant after their nuptials. However, many believe that these new snaps are the confirmation that they needed as they allegedly showed off Princess Eugenie’s baby bump.

A Twitter page called Princess Eugenie Source shared four photos on the platform of the Princess wearing a stunning black lace dress. “Princess Eugenie was spotted talking on the phone yesterday in London,” the page, then, wrote in the caption.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s cousin has an average-size physique; any unusual bulge is quite easy to spot. According to some people, these snaps seemingly confirmed Princess Eugenie’s baby bump.

“Pregnant?” one follower asked. “There’s been speculation, but nothing official yet,” the admin for the Princess Eugenie Source page replied. “Does look a bit like a bump,” another netizen wrote.


Despite the alleged baby bump photos of Princess Eugenie, some are not convinced that she is expecting a child, as they believe that royal pregnancies are never really hidden from the public. “She is not pregnant. The palace will announce when it is,” one noted.

The admin probably got sick of all the comments about Princess Eugenie’s baby bump rumors that he wrote, “Did I say she was pregnant?!” In fairness to the page admin, he didn’t mention anything about the princess’s alleged pregnancy at all. The commenters were the ones who talked about Princess Eugenie’s baby bump.

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Meanwhile, Princess Eugenie is not the only member of the royal family who is rumored to be pregnant, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have also been speculated to be expecting for quite a while now. Bookies even stopped taking bets on the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy rumors.

“We’ve suspended betting on Kate, who is most likely to give birth in 2020,” Alex Apati, a PR personnel for Ladbrokes, said. “Royal fans reckon Kate is showing early signs of a potential pregnancy. We’ve welcomed two royal babies into the world in as many years and punters are seemingly confident Kate will make it three in three.”

Just like any other royal pregnancy rumors, these have yet to be verified.

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