Problems that blighted Archie’s christening – and how Meghan Markle dealt with them - TASTE EVERY SEASON

Problems that blighted Archie’s christening – and how Meghan Markle dealt with them

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From backlash at their private ceremony to key members of the royal family missing the day entirely, the Duke and Duchess have faced obstacles in organising Baby Sussex’s christening.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been hit with a number of problems in the build-up to Archie’s christening this weekend.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed the Archbishop of Canterbury will christen Archie at the Private Chapel in Windsor Castle today.

Breaking with tradition, the new parents have chosen to keep the day private and will have just 25 people at the intimate ceremony.

The news disappointed many royal fans, who have been used to seeing royal parents with their little one on the day of t he christening .

Kate Middleton and Prince William have publicly stepped out for the christening of all three of their children.

While the ceremony itself will always remain private and is not broadcast on TV, the public and press have been invited to watch them walk into the service beforehand.

But, backlash at a private ceremony isn’t the only problem to have blighted Archie’s christening.

We’ve taken a look at all the obstacles Meghan and Harry have faced in organising the day.

Problems with the date

Meghan and Harry had reportedly planned to have Archie christened on Friday, July 5.

But, when they came up against a string of Royal Family diary clashes, they were forced to change it to the weekend.

Both Prince Charles and the Queen were unable to make the original date.

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Charles, 70, was reportedly still in Wales where he has spent the week marking 50 years holding the title of Prince of Wales.

The Queen was also attending Holyrood Week – one of the most important dates in the monarch’s calendar.

She carried out engagements across Scotland, staying in Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyrood House, her official residence north of the border.

It is reportedly one of her ‘non-negotiable’ weeks in the diary.

Queen cannot attend

While the original date of the christening was changed to accommodate members of the royal family, the Queen will reportedly still not attend the day.

It has been reported that after her week in Scotland, she will not be returning to London.

Instead, the 93-year-old monarch is heading to Sandringham for a weekend with Prince Philip.

The situation is said to have surprised some staff at Buckingham Palace.

One member of staff reportedly said: “Her Majesty was already scheduled to be in Scotland for her annual Holyrood week and had a prior engagement at the weekend.”

Speaking of the reason this weekend was chosen for the christening, a source added: “While this was the best weekend for friends and family coming over from the US, they did just really want to hold the christening as soon as possible, before everyone disappears for the summer.

“As a family they took a collective decision that this was the best option.”

Meghan’s family will be absent

Meghan’s mum Doria is the only member of her family believed to be attending the christening.

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Doria recently returned to her home in California after moving in with Meghan and Harry to help after Archie was born.

Meghan’s fall out with her family has seen her cut all contact from father Thomas, brother Thomas Junior and her sister Samantha.

Many thought Archie’s birth could see them rekindle their relationships, however it’s believed there remains no contact.

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