Queen Elizabeth May Not Allow Camilla To Be Queen Consort When Prince Charles Becomes King |

Queen Elizabeth May Not Allow Camilla To Be Queen Consort When Prince Charles Becomes King

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The public is slowly accepting the fact that Camilla is the wife of the future King, Prince Charles. However, the Duchess of Cornwall remains to be one of the least popular members of the Royal Family.

Unlike Camilla, Prince Charles’s ex-wife, the late Princess Diana, was extremely popular when she was still alive. The Princess of Wales was even dubbed as the “People’s Princess” because she was loved by many.

Since Prince Charles is Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, he is the current heir to the throne. With that said, his wife Camilla is going to become Queen Consort.

But with her unpopular status, will Queen Elizabeth allow Camilla to be Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes King? According to former royal butler Grant Harrold, the Duchess of Cornwall may not be given then honor due to public outcry.

“Prince Charles made it very clear that when he was King, she’d be Princess Consort,” he said. “In fact, the Palace actually stated that. But recently somebody told me they’ve taken that away and it created speculation as to whether when the prince becomes the King, will she then be the Queen? It is very difficult to say because as you can see with the downfall with the expenses, the public has very strong opinion and views.”


Although the public’s perception about Camilla would decide her fate to whether to become a Queen Consort or not, it is unclear if Queen Elizabeth will prevent the Duchess of Cornwall to claim the title. Her Majesty is the most powerful woman in the British Monarchy, her decisions are important and followed all the time. However, there is no proof that she will have the last say regarding Camilla’s future title as of this writing.

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Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Camilla made an appearance at the Government House in Auckland earlier this month for their eight-day tour in New Zealand. The Royal couple received the traditional Maori welcome upon their arrival, and they looked like they had a grand time.

After seeing Prince Charles looking happy and healthy, fans were very happy about it. The future King caused quite a concern when he arrived in India a week before the New Zealand tour, and many noticed his painful-looking swollen hands and feet. But his recent appearance seemingly proved that his condition might not be as alarming as many initially thought.

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