Royal Marines Make Playful Apology ‘To The Nation’ After Prince Harry Shuts Car Door Himself - TASTE EVERY SEASON

Royal Marines Make Playful Apology ‘To The Nation’ After Prince Harry Shuts Car Door Himself

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Prince Harry met Marines on Dartmoor (Picture: Royal Navy).

The Duke of Sussex enjoyed spending time with Royal Marines and recruits on a trip to Dartmoor earlier this week but 42 Commando noticed they made an error in their Royal etiquette.

Prince Harry, who is Captain General of the Royal Marines, was meeting personnel for the second time in just a week…but it was spotted that when he stepped out of his car no-one was there to shut it.

While most visitors to 42 Commando’s home base at Bickleigh would shut their own door, Prince Harry is a little different and 42 Commando realised their mistake.

Taking to Twitter, they joked about the “epic fail” saying the public “have a right to expect better Royal car door etiquette from your Commandos”.

They continued their tongue-in-cheek response by tweeting they “shade” (meaning to disrespect) “with ruthless precision” and that the situation “is embarrassing enough already”.


But the Royal Marines’ Captain General did not seem to mind as he was pictured smiling as he pushed the door shut.

During his visit, Prince Harry was shown how 42 Commando would save a downed fast jet pilot from behind enemy lines before he handed new Marine recruits the coveted green beret after completing the 30 Miler Commando Test.

Wearing the green beret himself, Prince Harry said he was fully aware how lucky he was to wear it without having to go through the gruelling work.

On Valentine’s Day last week, he also spent time with Marines in Norway, calling them “weirdos” after seeing a wedding picture of himself and the Duchess of Sussex while stepping inside a quincy.

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