Should Princes Charles And Prince William Rewrite Monarchy Rules Today?

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The royal family has a lot of rules to follow from their every move to the way they dress. As these policies and protocols have been crafted since time immemorial, is it the right time for Prince Charles and Prince William to rewrite the rules of the monarchy?

Historian and royal commentator Sarah Gristwood suggested on the podcast Images of Diana that changes should be made in the monarchy as the royal family is now aging. By the looks of it, Queen Elizabeth would be the only young monarch of the United Kingdom after she was crowned in her 20s.

Her successors, on the other hand, couldn’t be considered young anymore. Prince Charles is now 70-years-old, while Prince William is 37-years-old.

“The Queen, when she came to the throne, was a young, glamorous, beautiful 20-something. It looks like we are never going to have a young monarch again,” Gristwood said, via Express. “So, we may have to re-write the rules about what royals do with their lives to avoid the sense there’s sometimes been with Charles that he has a sort of job in waiting.”


Prince William, on the other hand, was encouraged to have a full career in the military before becoming a full time royal. Indeed, the Duke of Cambridge followed the advice and worked with the British Armed Forces and the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards said the future generation of British monarchs would just keep doing what Prince Charles taught them. He even told Prince Charles to finish his job, which the senior Royal did to become a member of the royal family. Edwards added the Prince of Wales didn’t want his son to do the same.

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Hence, all the members of the royal family should follow the monarchy’s rules, either it is a family or state policy. However, as things are more modern today, it may be hard to follow these regulations. Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are often in the news for breaking some royal rules.

Meghan is the second woman in the royal family who underwent a divorce before marrying a member of the royal family. The first one is Camilla Parker Bowles, who was first married to Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles before she wedded Prince Charles.

Regarding style, the British monarchy also has a lot of strict rules to follow. The members of the royal family are not allowed to wear anything with fur. However, it looks like they are not so harsh with this one as Queen Elizabeth herself dons fur sometimes.


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