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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams need to require Their friendly relationship to the large Screen

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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams spent eight seasons along throughout their run on Game of Thrones, and, naturally, developed a detailed relationship. currently that their time on the HBO series is over, the 2 friends feel impressed to form a motion picture inspired by their friendly relationship.

“My relief Maisie, she and that i have a really intense friendly relationship, a friendly relationship that I haven’t had with any of my different girlfriends before,” Turner told Jessica Chastain in an exceedingly video for Vogue Paris. “We felt like we tend to needed to write down a motion picture a couple of friendly relationship wherever it’s reasonably like you’re soulmates, however you’re friends and it’s like this stunning association but it can even be quite harmful.”

While discussing her career, Turner additionally shared that she hopes to travel on the far side acting sooner or later.

“As Associate in Nursing actor, you’ll be able to solely have such a lot artistic management,” she said. “I wish to be able to have full artistic management and make my very own vision and that’s one thing I’m quite captivated with.”

While Turner doesn’t have any comes within the pipeline that she’s writing or directional, she’s performing on it, telling Chastain that she’s purchased a book on screenwriting “to teach myself.” once she expressed concern over her ability to write down well, speech communication she doesn’t feel “talented enough,” Chastain offered her support telling her, “You are gifted enough!”

For now, Turner is projecting to acting, and she’s not doing unfortunate at it. She and Chastain are star within the most up-to-date X-Men film Dark Phoenix.

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