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Top Celebrity Fad Diets That May Be Dangerous

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Every month, one would notice a certain fad diet promoted by a celebrity. One of the primary reasons why people should not devote themselves to these unsafe regimens is because they can be overly restrictive when it comes to food intake, and they are not usually backed by research.

The appeal of these diets is understandable. At first glance, these may appear efficient in reducing one’s weight. To eat fruits and vegetables, drink only water and wait for that extra pounds to shrink into the ideal number quietly is everyone’s dream.

However, it is crucial for people who are serious about their weight loss to stick to a simple and proven method, one that will not harm the body. Having said all these, one should take note of the following top celebrity fad diets that may be dangerous to their health.

1. Ketogenic Diet

This diet was explicitly tried by Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. While health professionals recognize its ability to help you achieve calorie deficit through a low-carb diet, it is crucial for the individual to be able to course through his or her regimen without unfairly cutting down all carbohydrates and sugar.

Even if the ketogenic diet recommends low consumption of carbs, it is highly advised to not eliminate food groups to prevent the body from rousing the desire to binge.


2. Diet

The 5 – 2 diet borrows principles from intermittent fasting and it is considered as one of the least sustainable when it comes to helping a person lose their overall weight. The diet relies on a calorie intake of 600 calories for the next two days.

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Even if this regimen can help those whose goal is to attain a quick fix, this diet will eventually slow down metabolism when one is forced to adhere to starvation.

3. Juice Cleanse

Previously tried by Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba, the juice cleanse has been around for quite some time now. It might seem safe, but this is the ultimate red flag. While juicing can provide the body important nutrients, following it is not sustainable.

This is commonly known to disrupt one’s normal diet and its lack of fiber is completely not beneficial to the human body. Drinking something that contains little fat and protein will only slow down the person’s metabolic rate in the long run.

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